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Greeting MINI Bot

Small scenes are more cost-effective
Make remote communication immersive

Mini 1 trans.png
Mini 8.png

14-inch high-definition large screen

A smoother visual experience

The 14-inch large screen and high-definition resolution bring a more stunning visual experience.

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Mini Web 2.png

6 microphone ring array

360° precise pickup

The middle area on the top of the head integrates the voice interaction area (6MIC) and the touch wake-up area (middle ring button), supplemented by concave-convex function shortcut buttons, one-key follow, convenient and fast.

High-definition wide-angle double-shot combination

Clear remote video without blind spots

48-megapixel wide-angle camera: a wide field of view with no blind spots and a panoramic view of details; the ISO is 4 times that of ordinary cameras, and the night vision capability is even more amazing.

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Mini Web 4.png

Qualcomm Snapdragon octa-core CPU

Excellent performance, surging experience

Equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip, one of the most powerful SOC chips in the Android camp, the AnTuTu platform's comprehensive performance benchmark test data is 26.5W.

Autonomous charging, cycle service

low battery recharge
When the power is lower than 10%, it will automatically return to the charging pile for charging.

Regular charging
Timed charging can be set between 23:00 and 7:00.

battery life
Charging for 4.5 hours, working for 9 hours.

Mini Web 5.png
Mini Web 6.png

High fidelity subwoofer

Harman Kardon class shocking sound effect

Created by the original team of Harman Kardon, it cleverly integrates high-fidelity sound in the mid, high and low frequency bands, making the sound massive and richer in levels. The sound field is wide, allowing you to experience the immersive sound. The heavy bass part is deep and thick, giving you a more shocking and surging experience.

Iconic flying saucer chassis

Suitable for small scene applications

Drawing on the practical experience of 10000+ family products Mini Bot, the lidar has a 240-degree scanning range, and the minimum diameter of the chassis is 41cm. Navigation has been realized on the Qualcomm computing platform

Mini Web 7.png

Industry Application Scenarios

Mini Web 8.png

Real estate scene

The robot can be used in the sales department and showrooms to create a smooth viewing experience for home buyers. The future home delivery will be more exciting. The robot can be equipped as a standard in the room to provide an enhance sense of technology in high-end communities.

Mini Web 9.png

Enterprise scene

The small and medium-sized Leopard Mini is more suitable for shuttling in the corporate office space. The experience is smooth for visitor reception, leading explanations, consultation and Q&A.

Mini Web 10.png

shopping mall scene

Transform into a cute and smart promoter to help attract customers to shopping malls or stores. Use standard speaking skills, proactively and friendly reception, and never miss any marketing opportunity.

Abundant peripheral expansion space

Both sides of the robot are equipped with RMB expansion boards/EIB expansion boards/support external USB/Type-C function expansion modules and devices to meet various secondary development needs

Mini 4 1080P.png

Enterprise customers use it well, and home users love it too

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