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Robot as a Service

The perfect combination of man and machine. Ergonomically designed and equipped with cutting-edge AI technology, every interaction brings you a great user experience.

your multifunctional companion

remote control


The 360-degree surround perception matrix design with more than 60 sensors gives elves better perception than humans.

face recognition

voice interaction

entertainment teaching

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HD touch screen

With its 10.1-inch HD touchscreen, Sambo offers high-resolution viewing, precise touch control, and a viewing experience with the best quality and comfort.


walk freely

The excellent structural design enables Sambo to use 12 freely moving small wheels for 360-degree rotation without dead angle, which is beneficial for driving on complex paths and surfaces.

Natural Dialogue, Impressive New Interactions

Sound is gravity, and Sanbot can immediately locate your position through the sound source, and rotate to the angle of the sound source to wait for instructions; when you issue a command in the wake-up state, such as: Sanbot, "play music", Sanbot will automatically start playing music, allowing human-computer interaction It becomes easier; of course, in addition to a relaxed chat with Sanbot, you can also conduct professional consultations, such as: Can I take my ancestral antique calligraphy and paintings and 1 million RMB in cash with me to leave the country?

voice reg..jpg

"What's the weather like tomorrow in Kuala Lumpur?"

Business Case

With open APIs and SDKs, integrators and developers can integrate Sanbot into any scenario.

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