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Lucki Delivery Bot

    Marketing Delivery Bot    

 Delivery during busy hours   • Take customers during leisure time 


more than just a robot, it can be called a handicraft

See Fast, See Far, See Clearly, Walk Steadily

Excellent 3D depth detection ability, which reduces the risk of entering the restricted area by mistakerisks of. Scan the surrounding environment at a very high speed, and return the sensing signal with zero delay. Safe obstacle avoidance, smooth driving, and accurate navigation.

Only by looking up at the starry sky can we find the right direction

AI Sky Eye recognizes location tags, so you don't get lost at night. Automatically corrects the line tracking path, and the navigation does not deviate.

There is no traffic jam at the intersection, needless to say give way

Multiple Lucki Delivery Bots in the same restaurant. When they meet at a fork in the pathway, they can autonomously avoid each other according to the priority of the robot number without human intervention, and travel intelligently.


Microphone and Speaker

6-microphone ring array, 360° coverage, effective at 5 meters, accurate sound pickup, clear and pleasant sound playback


Large open tray

Single tray 0.2㎡, total load 40kg, 360° can be placed and taken, giant capacity


color changing light strip

Green for charging, blue for fully charged, blue for work, red for failure, red for emergency stop, and blinking when turning. Each status indication clearly


Solid and Stable Chassis

Equipped with radar perception system, powerful performance, balanced movement, inertial navigation


Covered by Lucki Delivery Bot
Drink boldly, eat with confidence

Fully transparent acrylic material, easy to clean, easy to disinfect, easy to install and disassemble, airtight up to 80%. Ensure the safety and hygiene of food distribution.

Multi-scene mode, free switching, so easy to use

Delivery mode · Very stable and accurate

Both fast and slow delivery are smooth. You can pause by tapping the screen. You can change the destination and pick up the food in advance during the delivery, so marketing is uninterrupted at all times.


Soliciting customers model Variety marketing

Lucki Delivery Bot has many ways to attract customers, waiting silently, looking for people from left to right, welcoming guests forward, recommending food, playing advertisements... In short, there is no need to worry about soliciting customers, turning over every day.


Lead mode · Multi-table direct access

The seating is triggered by voice or small program, and the customer is directly led to the target table while background music is played.


Cruise mode · Comprehensive

For each point set in the route, snacks can be distributed or plates can be recycled, and customers can be attracted at any time.

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