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Citobor Intelligent Technology is a leading provider of cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology and services, providing scalable solutions for companies of all sizes. Currently, it is cooperating with two internationally certified companies in mainland China to formulate and develop artificial intelligence robots. We build our solutions by closely listening to potential customers and understanding their expectations of our products. We have the ability to analyze this information and customize our products according to the market needs. So, why not choose to contact us immediately to learn more about Citobor’s story or we will provide more information to assist you? We are Citobor, a solution provider of high-tech artificial intelligence products tailored specifically for you.



Dato' Sri Steven Yong, who has been doing business in China for many years, has worked in various economic fields, including digital finance, architectural design, film and technology. During his work abroad, Dato’ Seri unexpectedly discovered that the artificial intelligence industry has huge business opportunities in my country. After analyzing market data from related industries with his team, he decided to introduce foreign intelligent robots to Malaysia and established Citobor AI Robotic. "Embracing science and technology can open up new and unexpected patterns for mankind." Dato' Sri has a long-term vision and embraces the great dream of man-machine symbiosis. His goal is to allow high-tech smart products to infiltrate all walks of life and improve the quality of personal life. Malaysians have more opportunities to learn about artificial intelligence and the disruptive changes it can bring to mankind.

VISIONUsing AI robots as a solution to create a long-term profitable business model for enterprises, and also bring convenience to home users. In five years, it will become the largest and most credible artificial intelligence chain franchise company in Southeast Asia. Let Citobor build the most suitable robot for everyone and become a good companion in their life!

MISSIONCooperate in the development and manufacturing of internationally certified artificial intelligence robot products, utilize the potential charm of artificial intelligence technology through a variety of different commercial and home application scenarios, enhance the public's awareness of artificial intelligence and do everything possible to help humans adapt to the new intelligent world.

Citobor AI Robotic  has changed the way people come into contact with artificial intelligence robots. Our goal is to bring users into a world where robots are not only easy to use but also make people's lives better. Our team of experts has made unremitting efforts to realize this vision and carefully built a broad B2B ecosystem for our investors.


With our innovative and insightful technology, we strive to enhance the user experience. We invested time and resources in researching the market needs as well as the user habits and motives to deliver the outstanding solutions. We will continue to work tirelessly to become the industry's benchmark which can be relied on.

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“Embrace new smart technologies and open up to a new way of living”

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